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Italy food!

EWEN Foods Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai MoliFood Co., Ltd., is mainly engaged in the development, import and sales of its private brand food, as well as the joint operation of foreign food. Products include private brands such as EWEN, OUSA, and MOLIPASTA, covering dairy products, beer, juice, cereals, biscuits, condiments, meat products. Our company aspires to become a world-famous food brand through construction of global supply chain, construction of domestic logistics system and layout of Omni channel marketing network.

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Italian cuisine selection

The company was established in 2006, mainly engaged in the import food in the Chinese market sales and promotion. The company puts the product quality first, the purchasing team selects the high-quality delicacies in the global scope, now has nearly 100 well-known brand's first-class agent in China

Italian pure milk to select the global gold source of milk, natural dairy farms in Saxony Sachsen,Land, Germany, a good source of milk, reliable century-old factory production strictly in accordance with European food safety system, quality assurance. Milk has a strong taste, rich flavor and high nutritional value.

Dairy products

Italian beer, imported from Germany, home of the world beer, the original factory has a long history, following the traditional process and strict standards, using Hallertau hops and German high-quality water, selected German two-row Malt brewing. Full-bodied wheat, rich foam, refreshing taste, mellow taste.


Italy Cyprus imported original fruit juice, select high-quality fruit as raw materials, by multi-process picking and processing, using Tetra Pak preservation, safe and sterile. 100% concentrated reduction, health no add, rich nutrition, taste rich, drink the lips and teeth remain fragrant.

Fruit juice

Italian pasta, supplied by Italian premium producers, is refined from Duran wheat, combines traditional methods with new and emerging technologies, and is produced using modern production equipment in strict accordance with European standards, it has the characteristics of high density, high protein and high gluten.

Italian pasta

Italian Parma Ham, from Italy's 100-year heritage, five guarantees, nine processes, took 16 months to make. Parma Ham is a world-famous raw ham. Its color is tender red, like pink roses, evenly distributed fat, soft taste and high nutritional value.

Meat Products

Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, EWEN has focused on selecting the best food imported from all over the world. The “Ewen Global Food Research Department” has been established to adhere to the health-oriented food choice, and strictly control the quality of each product 100% , continuously develop and select more high-quality imported products for Chinese consumers, pass on Western food culture, so that you can open the refrigerator in the world without leaving home, enjoy the exotic flavor on the tongue.

Good Time !


Adhere to the "good, upward" as the purpose

Dave Morley, an Italian food brand co owned by Italian Food Company Ewen, entered China in 2006 and has been selling in the Chinese market for more than 10 years.

I love the taste of Morley Modena balsamic vinegar, which is sour and sweet, very appetizing, and has a hint of wine aroma, which is stronger than normal vinegar, making it a good companion for Italian Salads.
Molly Modern
Olive oil is a necessary ingredient for fat-reducing meals. With Italian olive oil, it is easy to fry chicken breast, Mix Salad and stir-fry. It is golden in liquid and of good quality. It is nutritious and healthy to eat. 
Italian olive oil
Wasabi is really a good partner for Fried Chicken! It's a little bit spicy, a little bit sour, it's very rich and appetizing, it goes great with fried chicken and French fries, and kids who like fried food have to have one.

Wasabi Salsa
Made from fresh cuttlefish ink and Durán, Ecuador wheat, the Pasta is firm, hard to cook and does not fade. It is nutritious and delicious, and seafood lovers should try it.

Italian ink fish
With Salsa, even Lin Bai can cook a meal in the kitchen, and in 15 minutes, you can easily make a bowl of pasta at home that is just as good as the restaurant's.

Ossa Spaghetti



OUSA, founded in 2007, is a professional brand of the main Western seasoning of Italian wwen EWEN food, recognized by western chefs and Chinese families. Our main products are imported from Italy, Spain, France and other well-known European countries and regions, including: Pasta, olive oil, western condiments, dairy products.

Olive Oil

Ossa olive oil, imported from Italy, is extracted by cold pressing and initial pressing in traditional Italy. The acidity is less than international standard 0.8. Liquid gold, rich in fruit, warm in color, refreshing in taste, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, is the healthy first choice for household oils.


Ossa black truffle sauce series, imported from Italy, the production plant has a history of 100 years, made of high quality natural Italian truffles, precious ingredients, rich nutrition, rich mushroom flavor, is a must-have condiment in high-grade western restaurants, there are a variety of content and specifications to choose from.

Western Condiments

Ossa offers a wide range of seasonings and ingredients, including spaghetti sauce, cuttlefish sauce, canned tomatoes, canned baked beans, black truffle sauce and black truffle oil. Classic European seasoning, imported original, stable quality, recognized by the chef.

Italian Pasta

Imported from Italy, using high-quality Duran wheat, combined with traditional technology and modern production technology, retain raw material nutrients. The Pasta is Chewy, firm, hard to cook, and does not stick. It sells well in more than 60 countries.




Cooperative case

As a supplier of quality food, we will never forget our exciting and happy cooperation.


Good customer review

"Open a bottle of obvious wheat fragrance, the first time into the cup foam rich, drink the cup wall has a layer of shallow lace but not delicate enough, pour time feel wine is very thick, drink up very refreshing and no water feeling"

- Miss.Xia

"I bought a lot of Spaghetti, but I didn't have time to cook it. Recently, I had the intention to buy some sauce and Cook it several times. Today, I will cook a western-style meal at home with Roast Lamb Chop. I hope the old people and children will like it. "

- Mr.Li